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Polish & Sealing Pad

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The Koch Chemie Polishing & Sealing Pad is made from extra fine sponge designed to economically and evenly apply sealing products such as Koch Chemie 1K Nano. The short height of 23mm creates low torsion forces whilst providing a high level of stability and excellent handling.

The optimised reticulation (open cellular structure) and cell count provides a high level of abrasiveness and increases the lifespan of the pad. The milling edge enables increased flexibility, allowing them to move around contours more easily.

  • Compression hardness: 4.
  • Abrasiveness: 2.
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Polish & Sealing Pad

Extra-fine finish sponge for economically and evenly applying sealing products such as the 1K Nano or Lack-Polish grün P1.01. The short height of 23mm creates low torsion forces, excellent handling and the highest level of stability. The optimised reticulation (open cellular structure) and cell count contribute to excellent hygiene factors. The milling edge ensures extra flexibility for the pads, enabling them to fit around contours easier. The colourful non-woven material, suitable for polishing, ensures process safety.
Compression hardness: 4. Abrasiveness: 2.

Item no. Container
999586 1 Pce Maße: Ø 126 x 23 mm
999587 1 Pce Maße: Ø 150 x 23 mm

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Highest quality and environmental protection

Conscious environmental protection, exact compliance with laws and regulations and an uninterrupted quality and environmental management system ensure consistent top quality at all times with the highest occupational safety. As producer we know 100% what our products are made of. We provide you with informative and correct instructions for use, safety data sheets and accident leaflets. The consistent implementation of the quality and environmental management systems DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001 is the prerequisite for global manufacturer approvals.


DIN EN ISO 9001/DIN EN ISO 14001 : 2015

To protect the environment we do not use the following ingredients:

- halogenated hydrocarbons
- persistent surfactants

We use surfactants from sustainable raw materials. In addition, all surfactants and complexing agents are easily biologically degradable, beyond the strict statutory requirements. All our customer service employees have a certificate of proof of expertise for light liquid separators in accordance with DIN 1999-100. We are available to answer your questions of waste water management and occupational safety. Waste water samples are always examined by independent institutes (eg Dekra). We guarantee waste water values well below statutory maximum limits with the exclusive use of our products and on compliance with the application recommendations.

As one of the few developers and producers we have direct access to all innovations from the raw materials sector. This is why our entire product range always conforms to the current state of scientific knowledge. In addition, our R&D department is in constant contact with automobile manufacturers and suppliers. In this way we can test and optimise our product innovations on the latest materials in automobile construction.

Koch Chemie

Daimler AG
- VW, Audi AG
- Dekra AG
- Institut für gewerbliche Wasserwirtschaft (Institute for Industrial Water Management)
- Zentrum für Umweltschutz (Environmental Protection Centre)


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